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Big Agnes fly creek UL 2

This has good reviews and was the reason I bought it.  It is so light, weighs about 2lbs.  However I would not buy this tent again and I had a ‘it’s not just me!’ moment when I read this review from the most respected of cyclists.  It is probably designed for people who go on hikes and are carrying their kit, and for a week once a year this tent would be fine.  But when you are using it day in day out it is just not good enough for the $360rrp.  The material is not strong enough, and after camping on the sand in desert and beaches of Mexico there are plenty of little holes at the bottom of the tent, so making the extra purchase of the foot print is essential.

There are 2 poles making the tent wider at the front, and just one at the back, again, this would be fine if you are staking the tent each night, but we are not, it is often not necessary and we often are camping on concrete under the shelter of someones house.  These means that if you lie at the bottom of the tent you get the tent canvas in your face all night.

Due to the holes in the bottom my tent leaked badly in Guatemala, ruining some of my kit and making us totally wet and miserable.  I wrote to Big Agnes to complain and they sent me a foot print and a new tent body.  I just had to pay for postage, so good customer service which redeems them somewhat.

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