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  1. Gary Quinn

    I have just spent a night in Huallanca. The first two hotels i tried were full. In hotel number three the son of the owner, Juan, changed the price changed 3 times. Upwards each time of course! And he did not even have a towel to give me or even a key to the room. Everyone was in boiler suits and hard hats it was like being in A Clockwork Orange. Even the dogs were giving me a hard time in this place. One was particularly aggressive and then came across me an hour later in a restaurant and had a second go!

    Then i got chatting to a shopkeeper and her mother and they were lovely. Then i realised that Juan had vacated his own room to let me sleep there so hence the wobbly price and the lack of a towel and a key.

    Still hated the place though and was out of there at first light. You get a free 4-Wheel Drive with your boiler suit and you get to cover cyclists in dust for miles and miles after your shit town.

    1. Cherry Post author

      Defo an odd place, but in the end we received some kindness and I remembered that too, this is peoples home. Where are you now Gary?

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