These Places In Between

Maps are paper dreams

We got delayed a day leaving San Cristobal due to some problems I had with my chain.  The morning we were leaving the bike hostel another touring cyclist arrived.  It was Alvaro the bici clown who has been on the road for 9 years.  He is a bit of a legend in the bike touring world, so it was pretty exciting.

Alvaro has a soft and mild manner,  someone you can instantly tell is a good person.  I had an idea that someone who had been touring for so long would be a bit of a know it all, but he gave us tips about our kit and our set up without being condensing.

Anyway, what struck me most was when we were in the hostel looking at the world map on the wall.  He just looked at the map in awe. He told me that   before he started travelling he used  to just stare at this world map, day dreaming, and feeling as though there was so much to experience.  He told me that now he looks at it and he feels content, but still full of wonder.  He summed it up perfectly for me really.

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