Route / Whereabouts

Where am I now?

I am using the SPOT gps tracker so that my family can get daily updates on my location.  Find out where I am in real time by clicking here .

                          My route 


Double click on the map to view on google maps and scroll in.


I love looking at maps of the places we’ve been, and recalling all the memories, I can spend hours just staring and dreaming at maps, a pretty good habit to have to occupy evenings spent in a tent.  

If you have any questions about the route then please email me.


2 thoughts on “Route / Whereabouts

  1. Roz Tonner

    HI Cherry my husband Jeff and I fly from Vancouver to Lima July 14 – then over to Cuzco July 19 – our plans are to spend 6 days in Cuzco adjusting to altitude – then heading South CGOB Shift Happens

    I hope our paths cross !


    1. Cherry Post author

      Hi there Roz, I will probably be in Cuzco at that time if you`d like to meet for a drink to share stories? Also I think a lot og cyclists head to La Estrellita hostel in Alto Cuzco!

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