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sleeping bags

I started off with a sleeping bag that I had used for tours  in Europe, Vango Ultra lite 300.  This was a relatively cheap sleeping bag, however I had to update in Huaraz, Peru as I planned to take some challenging routes at high altitude, nights as cold as -10c.  I could not find the ideal sleeping bag in Huaraz, I wanted something light, not too bulky but comfortable.

I had not heard of this brand before, but it is fine, comfortable, and I have slept through snow storms, and nights as cold as -9c so far.

Watch this space.

The reason I did not choose to buy an expensive warm sleeping bag at the beginning of the trip was because I was pretty overwhelmed by the mounting cost of all my kit, so was trying to make do.  This proved fine for a year, and I am glad I did it like this as now I have something brand new to go forward with in cold conditions.

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